About Us

“Our team will not only guide you along the way, but we also offer some good ideas and use cases that help improve our quality of life.”

Ethereum still has the most developers contributing to its network.
• Filecoin and Polkadot have both seen strong developer growth.
• DeFi projects were also big winners in winning over developers.

According to cryptocurrency metrics tracker CoinMarketCap, there are more than 9,000 digital currencies currently traded and available on exchanges across the world. The relative merit of most of these projects is determined in part, by their market value.

Rich Mgmt brings inspiration to your digital investment portfolio.

The need for you to be safer with your digital finances and more secure with your money becomes more paramount with each new digital attack. Let us help you where it matters most.

Our Skilled Team

Led by Dwayne who gains inspiration from various sources around the world that enables Rich Management to be the global participant in new and incredible crypto assets. It all starts with a discussion about what the client desires from this evolving asset class.

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Dwayne Richardson

Ceo x Founder


LaTasha Richardson

EVP and Corporate Counsel

Full stack development Team


Discuss your project, get the best solution and result

The art of capturing a valid and useful “Use Case” is required for all crypto related assets. Working closely with Rich Management – the client(s) develop ongoing viable cases to be refined and minted. With a full team of developers, the outcomes can easily become obtainable.

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